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I clicked my heels three times...

And here I am in Kansas... just as I pictured it.
June 15, Pittsburg, Kansas
Sorry, no photo of the Welcome to Kansas sign - my route is so rural, the road I entered on had no sign.
Missouri's (pronounced Misery) up and downed me all the way to the border, just four short miles from Pittsburg. I awoke at four today, riding at 5:30, a few minutes before sunrise, and rode 63 miles in 6-1/2 hours straight, to arrive at noon and get some work done. Thankfully, my clients are being wonderful when it comes to my work hours. At first, I rode, work, rode, work etc. I'm finding that riding early and then working - works better. I don't think multi-tasking lives up to it's promise. At least for me, it dilutes both efforts.
As I dodged rain dumps from the parade of thunderstorms passing through, I thought about how my progress so far has me feeling that I can do anything... and then I thought that once I make it all the way... I could really do anything I set my mind to... when I immediately realized that even if I never went on this ride, I could do anything I wanted to. When people along the way find out what I'm doing, they most invariably say, "I could never do that." And they're right... as long as they believe they can't.
Along with my lovely wife, family and friends, I miss a few things here on the road. Good food, showering without having to wear sandals, my bed, a real pillow, good food, Seattle, cool low-humidity weather, good food, some clothing other than the one-off-the-bike outfit I have... and good food. Although today, I did walk into the first Starbucks I've seen in 1700 miles. A little Seattle in Kansas. Nice!
Kansas is known as one of the most, if not the most conservative state. Coming into town, the first billboard I saw had a big pic of John Wayne with a quote, "I don't tolerate quitters, so don't even think about it." brought to you by Kansan's for Values. Yikes. So inspiring for the young people - who wouldn't know the Duke from Don Knotts. This is going to be an interesting 600 miles!
Thanks for joining me.
1. This morning's sunrise - last Missouri ride
2. Another intersection in the middle of nowhere - Missouri and Virginia had the Bike Route 76 signed out, Kentucky... not so much. 
3. A little disconcerting seeing all the chemical tanks on the fringe of the corn fields
4. My cockpit - maps with step by step turns - two pockets, left with pepper spray, right with snacks.
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