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Miles as of today: 2026

And I really had to work for the last 26!

June 24, Scott City, Kansas
Hello All,
I'm pretty wiped today - It took me 8 straight hours to go 55 miles in a 28 mph headwind. OY. 94 degrees didn't help... but it was cooler than yesterdays 103! I spent those eight hours trying to think about anything but the wind or my quadriceps. That's the trick - That, and reminding yourself about all the positive things in the present, like, "It's not blowing too much dirt, the grain trucks are giving me space when passing and the road is fairly new." Although that doesn't sound like much, it's preferable to,"Fucking wind, drink you're gonna cramp, shit I'm in climbing gears and it's level, my butt really needs a break etc."
Due to the heat over the last few days, I've been waking at 3 am, and riding by four. The traffic is very light until 6-7 and the wind doesn't go totally crazy until the sun rises... and the temp usually sits in the early seventies. Talk about feeling like you're in a bubble. I can only see within the reach of my front lights - everything else is pretty black. For some reason, I like how it makes me feel - like I only have a tiny space to manage - I just have to look out for obstacles, roadkill, or a live skunk or armadillo... it's quiet and peaceful. At about 5:20, I begin to notice the first light of the day in my rear view mirror (heading west). Fifteen minutes later, the dark loses out to daylight and everything changes. All the little mice who were scurrying about, disappear, the crickets fade a bit and the birds take over the soundtrack, and although I felt comfortable in the darkness, it's naturally reassuring to see that orange ball rising and realize that I'm still on planet earth and not in a bubble after all. :)
Tomorrow, in the mid-morning, the wind's supposed to shift in my favor for the rest of the day - I'm scheduled for a 77 miler to Sheridan Lake, COLORADO! WOOHOO! Although the terrain will remain the same for 2-3 more days, until I reach Pueblo (the halfway mark for the trail), it's still not Kansas! Sorry Kansas, nothing personal, you're just not my cup of tea... maybe if you had one decent beer to drink...
Next week, I begin to climb the Rockies, and even more exciting, meet LaVonne for the July 4 weekend for a much needed reunion and two to three day mid-way rest break. And maybe a salad without iceberg lettuce and some other freakin vegetable than canned green beans - again, good-bye Kansas...
Thanks for riding along!
PS. Not a lot of pics this time as I've been mainly concentrating on staying vertical.  Although today's sunrise was stunning - also included a few grain elevators - in the last few states, a water tower let me know I was about five miles from a town, here, a grain elevator - that's why the towns are here...  
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