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UP, down,repeat.

OY! (OMG! With a Yiddish twist)
Days 7 Lexington to Catabwa, VA, Day 8 Catabwa to Wyethville VA.
The steep up and downs of the these mountains are handing me my ass on a platter. They should call them the Assallachians. On the Lexington to Catabwa ride, it took me 9 hours to pedal 64 miles, and today, it took me 5 hours to go just 40. And I'm pretty fit. It's humbling. Tomorrow, I ride over a few of the larger Virginia's peaks, 62 miles to Damascus, VA. By Monday or probably Tuesday I should cross the border into Kentucky - still more up and down, but with the added pleasure of notorious dogs. Que Sera...
In Catabwa, I camped at a hostel where my route crossed the Appalachian Trail. About thirty, mostly twenty somethings spent the night partying and swapping stories. I was the only cyclist. They all introduced themselves with their trail names. A few of them were "section hikers" trying to get through the trail over a few year period, but most were "through hikers," leaving from Georgia, headed to Maine on a 6-7 month journey. I asked some of them what their plans were after their adventure, and most had no clue. Like me, their only concerns were food and where to sleep - one day at a time. I took great pleasure seeing young people following their dreams, off the couch, out in the world, living life.
My maps take me on the most rural roads possible - it's like a time warp into a an alternate dimension. I pedaled by more than one house that looked in disrepair, but had a front yard not only well manicured, but adorned with lawn art - think nativity scenes with large figures of cowboys and indians, Star Wars characters, animals, unicorns and trolls set up in frozen action scenes. OY!
Lastly, I passed a run down yet open motel today, with an advertising sign that said, "Real Phones in Every Room." I was tempting, but I pedaled on.
Thanks for riding along!
- Tunnel in the middle of nowhere
- Virginia's answer to low income bovine housing
- My first bakery - Marscapone Danish and decent coffee for a change
- The Catabwa Hostel
- The road to Wyethville
- Your truly needing a trim :)
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